Ethical Leadership - The experience of JCU's 3rd IBD cohort

MBA Mexico - Yadira Azcona 

1.) Briefly discuss the role of ethical decision-making in the business environment in your country.
All Businesses have an ethical obligation, including its personnel, to the following groups that constitute business: proprietaries, stockholders, employees, vendors, and the community in general. The business administrators, including owners and executives, follow three fundamental ethical elements that allow the development of its companies values... that is ethical responsibility, an ethical interest for everybody's well being, and ethics within the organization. Ethics is an important part in business within this country as it is in any other.  If you work for a local or foreign corporation within Mexico the ethical rules don't change when you cross the border.  You conduct business with the same values and moral manners as you would in your own country. Business in Mexico is about building a relationship.  You rely heavily on those who surround you.  It isn’t about coming in and out and closing a deal.  You must create a level of trust and know that integrity exists.

2.) How has ethical decision-making been incorporated into the MBA curriculum at your school?

Business ethics is a course you take in college.  As in the United States you are made aware of business scenarios that have gone wrong due to lack of morals.  Despite of what is happening to the country and the million pound elephant in the room on how corrupt the government can be.... it is not something you are taught to take after.  The instructors teach you the right way to do business and what its like in other countries. So if at some point in time any student is abroad the fundamentals of right and wrong are there.

3.) Please describe an ethical challenge in your personal, academic, or professional life.

Unfortunately it does happen in cases especially when you deal with the government.  It is still common to have someone buy your vote per say or for you to be put in a situation where things are done under a table.  Because business relies heavily on relationships it doesn't matter that you have the best product at the better price.  The fact that you are related to somebody in government can earn you the contract.  Waving all of your efforts in doing the right thing to get the contract, the guy next door can know somebody from within and beat you to it.  There has been a situation where you agree to take the contract do the work and have the government dispute your pay because there is somebody new in government. Even when physically there is something there you can claim for. 
However, if you have money, the right last name or know somebody with power you can get to the top of the list in no time.