Ethical Leadership - The experience of JCU's 3rd IBD cohort

MBA China – Nell Ding

1. Can you briefly discuss the role of ethical decision-making in a business environment in your country?

In Goodyear Asia, we are taking ethical decision-making as one of the highest priority in the business activities. We are emphasizing this business code in multiple occasions:  New employee orientation, newsletter release and on-line trainings.

2. How has ethical decision-making been incorporated into your school’s curriculum?

It is embedded in the core curriculums. We will also have an additional course called "cross culture leadership", which will cover topics on ethics under different culture environment.

3. Can you describe an ethical challenge in your personal, professional or academic life?

Not much challenge in my current job. When I was an external auditor several years ago, one of our clients was filing for IPO. When we were conducting the voucher sampling, the team found some big amount of sales returns and accrual reversal between years.  The client communicated with our audit manager in certain way that implied us to redo the sampling, with an offer on extra engagement of tax consultancy. The manager disagreed and communicated to partners. The firm refused the offer and disclosed the risk.