Ethical Leadership - The experience of JCU's 3rd IBD cohort

TV Producer – Jason Sol

1) What do you think are some ethical issues facing the television industry?

-Right of privacy or invasion of privacy. But, throughout the years courts have held that citizens need protection from the unwarranted or unjustified publication of images and information of a private nature.

-When it comes to invasion of privacy, the laws that evolved make a distinction between private and public individuals. It also makes a distinction between public places, such as streets, parks and sidewalks and privately-owned areas, such as a store or a person's residence.

-Once individuals enter the "public spotlight," either intentionally or through accidental circumstances, they are afforded much less legal protection. We only need look at the supermarket tabloids to see this.

2) Have you encountered any of these ethical issues?

- Yes and no

-Yes, when people that come in contact with the show don't want to be recognized by others. Which is when we blur out their faces and voice over but for the most part no, since everyone knows the shows that are on our station are meant to see every aspect of his/her life. This is a reality based station. So when someone signs up to be on the show they give up his/her rights to privacy. 

3) What impact does the audience have on ethical decision-making in the television industry? In other words, do you feel that the audience dictates what is seen on TV, regardless of ethical considerations?

-Of course the audience dictates what is seen on TV. As you can tell from any social media, the audience is what creates the ratings. No ratings, no show. IF the audience didn't want to see into other people's lives then there wouldn't be as many "reality" tv shows or spin offs as there are currently out there.

-Every station out there is always trying to push the boundaries and see who can be the edgiest or shocking out there which in turn could possibly raise ethical questions, which is why there are waivers to prevent a backlash of lawsuits.

-Television revolutionized the way people perceive human nature which create a lasting impact on the consumer. Television in this era is completely different from what our mothers and fathers grew up with but that also has to do with the our tastes have changed and become more voyeuristic.