Ethical Leadership - The experience of JCU's 3rd IBD cohort

Tasks to be completed by Tuesday, December 14th (Assigned Tuesday, November 9th)

1.       Get an Interview with the author of your text - gain some wisdom not in the book

2.       Conduct research on the topic of ethics

3.       Compile list of resources, organizations, online opportunities, etc.

4.       Make the “Bad Leadership” chapter live at the symposium

5.       Make the symposium a special event and wonderful experience

6.       Interview someone convicted of ethics violations

7.       Interview 5 Fortune 1000 CEOs on the topic of Ethics (2 must be Fortune 500)

8.       Read the textbook

9.       Test your knowledge on the book

10.    Research the impact on ethics violations on families (through personal interviews)

11.    Write a literature review on the topic – 15-20 pages, double spaced, APA

12.    Apply what you learned in analytical modeling to this topic

13.    Interview Father Neihoff

14.    Develop a high quality video on a topic from the text

15.    Blog as a group

16.    All aspects of this list must have a foundation in the text content

17.    Educate Children on the topic of ethics – design and deliver a workshop

18.    Develop 3 case studies similar to those in the book

19.    Involve an individual from U.S. House or Senate in some way (maybe via Skype)

20.    See what the Jesuits think about ethics

21.    Interview a current “national level” politician on the topic of ethics

22.    Speak with a famous scholar about the topic (Ivy League or Cambridge)

23.    Do an ethics analysis of each organization represented in this classroom

24.    Conduct observations on Ethics content

25.    Ethics and the media – correspond with someone we see on TV about the topic

26.    Develop an innovative way to examine the topic in no way related to something on this list

27.    Develop an innovative way to examine the topic in no way related to something on this list

28.    Develop an innovative way to examine the topic in no way related to something on this list

29.    Use Skype some how

30.    Create an inventory of ethical challenges people at your level face, take inventory and report your results

31.    Engage your professor and get him excited about your work

32.    Secure participants for your symposium (other than the faculty – invite them too though)

33.    Hold a presentation skills seminar with Larry Morrow (at least three hours)

34.    Get some form of media to your Ethics Symposium

35.    Provide cross-cultural perspectives on the topic – 10 different countries – these should be other MBAs from around the world

36.    What have your parents witnessed in their careers? Conduct an analysis and report results

37.    Develop an analysis of MB551 through the lens of MB552

38.    Create a professional website that houses ALL content/materials from the list

39.    Create a 15 page business plan for a "ethics consulting firm" - have 3 realistic investors at the symposium

40.    Speak with a well-known reality TV producer about the ethics of shows such as "intervention", "teen mom" and so forth.

41.    Speak with a current or retired military general about ethical decision making in the military.

42.    Interview a sitting mayor of a community in the Cleveland area. Discuss the ethical challenges s/he faces - be sure s/he is at the symposium.

43.    Identify Course objectives

44.    Design assignments and a final

45.    Create Symposium Agenda

46.    Create a system for running the class