Ethical Leadership - The experience of JCU's 3rd IBD cohort

MBA Kenya - Irene Malinga

1.       The role of ethical decision making in a business environment in Kenya is to have order and appropriate decisions made for the employer and the company. It also plays a role in defining the culture that the business environment is supposed to have. People/Employers ought to behave and conduct the business in a “certain way” that portrays the culture.

Ethical decision making has been incorporated into my school’s curriculum by analyzing some of my homework and assignment according to what my ethical values are.  My decisions on some of the things I do in my schoolwork are based on my background. I choose to do some tasks and answer questions in a certain way because of what I have been taught and have learned at home.

3.       An ethical challenge in my academic life is the difference of how to my assignments by reasoning without involving my culture in it. How to do group work without letting my values get in the way.